Do I really need an SSL Certificate?

This is a question that I am asked quite often at the moment, as people don’t see the immediate benefits of enabling their website for SSL. The first impression is that SSL certificates are only needed for businesses with E-Commerce websites that are processing credit card transactions through their website, and traditional this was seen as the case. 

Benefits of SSL 

  • Improved rankings on Google 
  • Customer confidence in your website 
  • Information encrypted 

Google have announced that within their latest search ranking algorithms that a website that is SSL enabled will receive an improved ranking compared to a competitor website that doesn’t have SSL enabled. Of course there are numerous other factors that Google look at for their search rankings so this alone won’t make you get that number one Google spot! 

Visitors to your website are becoming ever more aware of the security risks that are out on the internet, and having your website secured will give them the confidence that your site can be trusted and is reputable. Having the address bar turn green and the words “Secure” are there to reassure the users. With the recent increasing in the number of phishing scams people are subjected to in their inboxes daily, this helps to show users your site is safe. 

The basic function of the SSL certificate is to encrypt all the information sent and received to your website, without this the information would be travelling across the information in clear text that any hacker could potential look to exploit for their own gain. You can think about this as potential customers submitting their personal details on your contact form. 

I don’t think anyone can afford to ignore the benefits of securing their website, and therefore this should be something that everyone is looking to have enabled on their own website. If your not sure where to start with this and would like some help, then please contact us.