Digitising Processes with Mobile Apps

Is your business still heavily reliant on Excel and manual paper forms? Do you find that information is being entered multiple times into multiple systems? There is a better way to collect this information directly at the source using the Mobile Apps. 

Excel and manual forms are still around in many businesses today because they are simple and easy to implement but they do have there own issues that come with them. 

Problems with Manual Forms 

  • Information has to be re-entered 
  • Information isn’t available until its been processed 
  • Missing information if forms are lost or incomplete 

Mobile Apps 

Custom Mobile Apps are able to replace your old Excel and manual forms, and place the information collection process directly on a smart phone in your employees hands. Mobile App development has evolved massively over the last few years and there are now tools available which simplify the process of delivering custom Mobile Apps

Microsoft Office 365 offers its subscribers the Power Apps software which allows a custom Mobile App to be built quickly without having to know how to write any code. Some of the features and functionality that are available is limited but for basic information collection its a good solution. If you need something a little bit more tailored to your business then you can look to engage a developer. 

Mobile App could look to replace multiple forms all packaged up inside a single app. When the screens are well designed, they will guide your users through the process ensuring its easy to use for people of all abilities. The screens can also include validation checks to ensure that full and accurate information is being recorded. 

Benefits of Digitising 

  • Streamlined information collection 
  • Information available immediately 
  • Complete information 
  • Reduce stationary costs 

Can your business afford to not start its digital transformation journey? If this is something you would like to discuss in more detail, then you can contact us to discuss your ideas.